BABE RUTH- Vet Pet Pick!




  • .ADULT FEMALE – DOB March 2011
  • ARRIVED:  March 2014
  • HISTORY:  Rescued from a high kill shelter when her time was up. Best in a home without cats and other dogs.
Special Staff Update Nov 2020: Babe Ruth is a nine-year-old hound/shepherd mix who has been a CFC resident for about six years. Ask just about anyone who has met her and they’ll tell you that she is one of the sweetest dogs around. When I first met Babe Ruth she immediately approached me with a toy in her mouth and placed it at my feet, wagging her tail expectantly. She loves attention and is quick to roll onto her back for belly rubs. Although she is entering her senior years, she still has plenty of energy and love to go around. Chasing tennis balls and going on car rides are two of her favorite things. Babe Ruth spends her nights inside and has proven to be house trained and respectful of indoor spaces.
Her many years have also given her the benefit of wisdom. Babe Ruth is easily one of our smartest dogs and is perceptive and well-behaved around people. During feedings, she always waits patiently on her platform and never jumps, despite being excited to eat as evidenced by her wagging tail. She does, however, generally have a problem getting along with other dogs and would be best as the only pet in the house. Would you like to help this laid-back lady enjoy her retirement in style? Head on over to!
More about me: She’s a BABE all right!  While she may not catch the balls and run the bases,  she’s ready to make a home run hit with you!! All dressed up in her two-tone jacket and happy to show off her long, lean and shapely legs,  Ruth’s a real head turning lady!  But her beauty is not just skin deep.   Ruth has the perfect skill set for a busy, active family,  a walk down main street and or a stroll through the farmer’s market.    A friendly, nuzzly gal,  she’s pretty unflappable and ready to head out for a good paced walk to see what’s going on in the world.   Ruth knows no strangers and is ready to head on home to your private ball park!
More about our Babe:  Babe Ruth is a very social, affectionate lady.  Just prior to our taking her in,  her very temp foster family reported that she was a HUGE couch potato only wanting to be near people!  Don’t be fooled by her love of the sofa though,  as she loves to get fresh air and exercise to keep her sleek, trim look!  Very, very smart,  she knows sit, shake and lay down on command.   She was terrific in an overnight crate and “understands” the dynamics of indoor living.   A ride in a car is always a fun and welcome adventure.