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  • HOUND- White sleek coat, black saddle, black ears and brown around edges of face.
  • ADULT FEMALE;  Est DOB; 2016
  • ARRIVAL: December 2, 2017
  • HISTORY: Birdie was dropped off as a stray by animal control at a high-kill shelter in South Carolina. She waited there for four months for someone to fall in love with her, but soon her time was up. Rather than see Birdie put down, CFC found a space for her.

Hi, it’s me Birdie! I’m a gorgeous, eager young hound who needs room to run. I’m a real goofball, and I’m sure to keep you laughing. I’m very friendly and energetic. The folks in South Carolina called me the class clown! I have the looks and the moves, and I made them all smile all the time. I’ve never met a stranger, and I’m your choice if you’re in the market for an energetic, affectionate companion. Hound lovers will surely fall for me.

As far as living in a home, I am wonderful with kids and other dogs. I love being part of an active family! If you have a friendly resident dog looking for a friend to romp with, I’m your girl. But it’s best if it’s a dog who shares my energy level and love of play. I have to confess though that I like to chase cats. So far, I’m not quite sure what to do when I catch them, but I think a feline-free home would be safest for me.

Note: On the last leg of my journey to my safe spot at CFC,  my driver allowed me the privilege of joining her as co-pilot in her car.  I had such fun peeping around looking like a periscope scanning the horizon.   Polite and well mannered in the car,  my new found friend told me I was a love bug, super friendly and a real hoot to hang out with!   Now that I have spent some time at the Sanctuary, I have been invited to go on subsequent car rides and I have SUCH fun!   Once I hop in your car,  it will be tough to get me to leave your car….just saying!

Volunteer Update January 2018: Birdie is a multi-layered lady!  There is serious Birdie who presents herself in a calm, nicely mannered way when there are no treats in sight and then when treats are added to the equation,  she literally busts out in great animated jumps, spins and twirling tricks. Boy, did she make me laugh!  Never jumping on me,  she literally puts on this incredible show of sheer joy at the sight of super snacks.   In looking at her photo gallery, perhaps you can tell which photos involved snacks and which did not!   Birdie is a super smart and attentive young lady.  She knows “sit,”  “down” and is working on “come.”  Following our photo session,  she nicely walked right by my side as I led her back to her pen.   I can’t wait to spend more time with her to discover all of the other layers beneath that sweet, smiling hound face!