• ADULT FEMALE- DOB:  August 2014
  • ARRIVAL:  February 2015
  • HISTORY: Juno and Janie showed up at a local home and were brought to us when their owners could not be found.
  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:  Red and white, sleek jacketed; wide red saddle over her back and a very wrinkly/expressive forehead.
  • 38 Pounds

Two fun peas in a pod. Meet siblings, Juno and Janie who are in the hunt to make YOUR day! This bubbly, friendly pair have such a great time together that it’s almost criminal. Both skilled leash walkers and givers of darting kisses, Juno and Janie are playful, affectionate, wiggly ladies looking for their first full time pet jobs. Lovely and eager to interact with other dogs, these ladies would love to go home together but are open to setting up shop in different homes and likely would benefit and would enjoy sharing their new lives with other dogs.

Update February 2021: Our dog spotlight shines on not one but two dogs! Siblings Janie and Juno are a pair of six-year-old hounds who have been CFC residents since 2015. They are both a little shy, especially around strangers, but if they notice a leash in your hand they completely light up! These two are calm, respectful walkers who rarely pull. They also love to run around and play together in our arenas. Juno tends to be a bit more affectionate while Janie hangs back a bit, but in the right environment both of them love attention and will be happy to lay on you and receive pets. These two have remained together for the last five years so we think it would be best if both went to the same forever home. They also get along well with most other dogs. Give Janie and Juno some time to get situated and you’ll be shocked with how bubbly and sweet these two are!