DSH- Tuxedo

HISTORY: Alice was surrendered from a large unmanaged cat colony with ~100 cats.

Like many of the cats that come into the sanctuary from the colony, Alice was very frightened and hiding in her condo when she arrived. In her prior life at the colony, Alice’s social interactions with people were limited and as a result she didn’t learn to trust people and to accept affection. In the short amount of time she has been here, Alice has begun to show interest in people by slowly leaning in to sniff and investigate the familiar faces she sees. This makes us very hopeful that, in time, Alice will accept more interactions with humans.

Take a look at her now! Alice has made wonderful progress in the last few months. She is incredibly eager to receive attention and pets from our staff and volunteers. Alice is even beginning to sit on volunteers laps for extra attention! She gets along well with the other cats in her room, though at this moment she is not seeking out attention from them. For the most part you can find her relaxing in one of the many cat beds in her area. She hasn’t shown interest in cat toys, at least not while people are around.