Dilute Calico

HISTORY: Alison was found as a stray on Shores Road.

Alison was a stray, trapped in the middle of COVID and brought to the sanctuary. She was extremely frightened of humans. Alison received the routine care that all CFC animals are given and she settled into her routine at the Scratching Post. Once acclimated with the other cats we allowed her out of her condo to join the other cats in her room. Alison lived peacefully with other cats, although she tended to stay to herself finding a cubby to hide in. Her fear of humans remained.

Fast forward to 2022—all the time and energy invested by staff and volunteers finally paid off. Alison has learned to trust and enjoy humans. She enjoys head pats and ear scratches, although, picking her up tends to trigger a stress response and she will try to scurry away. Alison does not seek out attention from the other cats in her room. She spends a good portion of her time to herself in the top cubby of a cat tree “catnapping”! We feel this sweet girl would thrive in a quiet home with a cat savvy person, willing to give her time and space to adjust to a new environment.