DSH, black and gray tabby

HISTORY: Angus was surrendered after his owner was no longer able to care for him.

When he first arrived, Angus had to spend most of his time in a cat condo due to ringworm. When he was finally let out, the thought of going back in the condo left him grumpy and a bit reactive towards people. After just a few days of freedom, though, it’s as if he’s a completely different cat. Angus typically won’t seek people out but enjoys being pet by people he trusts. Since he’s a bit of an older fellow, Angus prefers to spend most of his time relaxing on blankets. We’ve also started letting him into the laundry room so he can have access to the enclosed porch. This is where Angus is at his happiest. He loves to stretch out in the sun and watch the world go by. When he’s outside he will even happily greet and approach visitors! Angus is also inquisitive and likes to explore. We sometimes find him in unexpected places. Don’t let his grumpy façade fool you. Angus is a layered, loving cat who would make an excellent addition to your home.

Winter 2024 Update: “I’ve moved…well sort of,” boasts our good, salty, older friend Angus. While Angus is still in Room L2, with the addition of a new cardboard condo box, Angus was quick on his furry feet to claim it for his new territory. Instead of perhaps hanging out in a tree by the door, he’s now most comfortable ensconced inside this curious contraption. He’s aptly trained volunteers to kneel down to his level to provide him with his needed, daily dose of human TLC. He’s never been one to have close cat friends in his room per say and so relaxing and having this peaceful, solitary spot seems to nicely suit his style and his preferences. Health wise, Angus remains on thyroid meds and a recent check up indicated his blood levels were looking good. Yes!! We’ll look forward to checking in on our dear friend Angus in the spring and meeting him at his own level.

Fall 2023 Update: We love our good friend Angus. This sweet, dear fellow is showing more signs of his senior status. Sleeping more than he used to, he is luckily typically surrounded by a nice grouping of other kitties who keep him company. Angus used to hop up in humans laps but he’s struggling to make that jump now so he’s training the humans to come more down to his level so he can benefit from some well earned and needed scratches. When he’s not napping, Angus slowly goes about his business and always in a peaceful, respectful manner towards his roommates. Our “Old Scotsman” is on meds for hyperthyroidism, his values are good and he’s added on some needed pounds. With no other emerging health concerns, he’s surely on target to ease into the fall and enjoy all that it has to offer.