DSH- Tuxedo

HISTORY:  When her elderly person passed away,  we provided a safe spot for Bailey.

Slow and steady is the way to BAILEY’s heart! This beauty is sweet and gentle and doing her best to pick up the pieces of her life when her person suddenly passed away. Now a middle aged kitty who still sports a youthful figure (no middle age bulging going on here!), Bailey is very much a creature of habit and to that end, when you enter her room, likely you will find her in a carpeted cube, on a ledge in the far corner. Do stroll on over to check out all the magnificence of Bailey as she emerges to say “Hi” to you. Bailey is calm and polite and really a very dear, comforting soul. Once out of her cube, coax her to a nearby open pillow and in no time, your hand will be giving her soft belly rubs! Yes, it’s safe to rub in this area which can be a point of contention with other kitties. LOL. Bailey loves this one on one time with humans…even those whom she had literally just met. Keep on rubbing her belly and she’s going to give your hand some head butts of appreciation. You’ll know you’ve hit her sweet spot when tiny droplets of drool start to form around her lips! Bailey is a wee bit shy but friendly and open to meeting and heading home with her new human. As loving and soft in the ways as she is, we know there’s a super lucky family on the verge of finding her greatness and giving her a chance to bring her multiple years of pet experience into her new home. Bailey is waiting for YOU to discover her so don’t be remiss in interviewing this amicable lady in need of a new happily ever after.