Domestic long hair- Solid black

HISTORY:  Bandit is a driveway kitty from Sanctuary Lane.

For now trust is the big issue with me. As a “driveway kitty” my exposure to humans was limited and not always positive so my new life here at the sanctuary is taking some time to adjust to. As I gain assurance I hope that I will learn to enjoy receiving affection from people. I have learned to entertain myself playing with the toys in my room. I’ve been described as a big kitten with the way I run laps around the room with reckless abandon. I play nicely too with the other cats, particularly Wyatt and Jett. Two of my favorite volunteers, Candy and Ed, even managed to pet me while I was in a cat tree. I couldn’t help myself and began kneading with my paws. There’s hope for this boy. I’m quite shy but within resides a sweet and gentle guy.

Winter 2024 Update: Is it really true that good girls are often attracted to the “bad boys?” Well, if you ask Bandit he might grin and flash his long white teeth at you and boast, “Well, of course there’s truth in that statement.” To this end, more recently we’re finding Bandit surrounded by plenty of lady friend cats. Sophie, Tango and Tatum are the more regular “suitors” for Bandit and with 3 ladies in the waiting, more typically Bandit is never really alone. His preference is still to avoid us humans at all costs and in positioning himself on the top of condos and towards the back of the wall, we’re getting that signal loud and clear. To his credit, we might add that location is perhaps the warmest spot during the winter months so hats off to Bandit for his level of insight! It’s our honor and privilege to have Bandit under our care and with no emerging health issues, we’ll enjoy seeing him surrounded by his lady friends this winter. 

Fall 2023 Update: Our super fluffy, handsome hunk Bandit is a creature of habit. He’s still not a fan of us humans. We often see him flash his long white teeth at us as he gives us a deep hiss of “stay away from me please.” Lol. Mr Bandit had a great summer with us humans leaving him mostly alone. He truly seemed to enjoy relaxing and hanging out in a 2 level “house” of sorts with one of his closer kitty friends, Sadie. Bandit is content as content gets and with no emerging health issues, he’s on target to get the most out of the pretty fall season.