DSH- Solid Black

HISTORY: Binx was a transfer from FFGW.

MEDICAL NOTE: Binx tested positive for FIV.

Meet Binx! This big guy is incredibly friendly with people. He enjoys being petted from head to tail! He will award you with purrs as he arches his whole body into the pets! Binx would almost certainly love to have a brush run through his fur, as he has an extreme amount fur!!

Prior to Binx’s transfer to CFC from FFGW, he unfortunately went through two adoptions whereby he was returned because of litter box issues that stemmed from him not being allowed unrestricted outside access, which is not an option with an FIV+ kitty. Now that he is here, Binx enjoys seeing all the sites and sound of outdoors and spends a great deal of his time out on the catio of the FIV+ room. He gets along well with the other cats in the FIV+ room at The Scratching Post. We believe Binx would do best in a home with other cats and where he has access to a screened patio (aka catio) where he can spend a good portion of his time.

More about me March 2024: “Who is that big lug of kitty goodness?” might you ask as you enter the R-3 room. Well, that solid, strapping and immeasurably handsome fella is BINX! Binx is one of the first kitties who will scamper over to welcome you into “his” room. Just as friendly and loving and kind as they are built, Binx will follow you around as you tour the room and happily hops up on platforms so he can get even more attention and pets from YOU! Graced with a well balanced, very affectionate personality, everyone loves Binx, including all the kitties in his room. Binx enjoys being in the thick of things and is very comfortable and has nicely settled into his new environment here. You’ll not find a kitty more appreciative of your steady pets and all over body rubs then Binx. We encourage you to please come and experience him for yourself as he will not let you down!