HISTORY: Boo Boo along with her mom, Possum and sibling, Baby were brought to CFC when their owner passed away.

Take a look at Boo Boo who is incredibly friendly and affectionate. She enjoys being the recipient of head rubs and pets! Boo Boo is a bit unsure when being picked up and held, unless you are someone that she trusts. She is more confident when her paws are on the floor. Boo Boo is also not going to be joining the WNBA anytime soon as she isn’t very good at jumping (possibly due to arthritis)!! She does however enjoy play time with a wand toy, chasing after it very enthusiastically.

Boo Boo has recently had her condo doors opened and is in the process of acclimating to her area and the other senior cats that share her space. We believe she would do well in a home with other compatible cats as in her former life, she lived in a home with other kitties.