Orange Tabby

HISTORY: Bubba was rescued from a hoarding situation by the Fluvanna County Animal Control. Transferred to CFC by FSPCA.

MEDICAL NOTE: Bubba is double positive for FIV and FeLV.

Take a peek at Bubba and the progress he has made in his time at CFC!! This adorable orange tabby is very friendly, though he still has his shy moments. If Bubba feels overwhelmed, he will scamper away. Take your time and be slow with him and he will approach you for some attention. He loves to be petted! Though he is not a fan of being picked up, he wants his paws touching the floor at all times.

Bubba is extremely interested in playing with cat toys. His favorite, by far, are wand toys and he will join in with Sai and Buck, his fellow roommates in The Observation Room, in trying to catch the toy!! He gets along well with the other FeLV+ kitties in his room, and yet for the most part you can find him napping by himself on a bed on top of one of the condos in his room.

If you are looking for a playful and friendly companion to join your FeLV+ cat look no further than Bubba We believe that Bubba would do well in a home with another like-minded FeLV+ kitty.

More about me May 2024: Class Clown!!  Our good friend BUBBA is such a silly, goofy, playful fella.  He just wants to have fun and good news for him is that he has a couple like minded feline friends in his room to help keep up the good times.  Bubba happily trots over to see who’s new through the door but he’ll be a little cautious so step all the way in, head to the catio and watch him put on a one man cat play show!  This agile, athletic guy loves activating toys- tossing them in the air, batting them around, scaling up the legs of trees ’cause he can and then offering up a playful tap tap to other cats in his play area hoping to get them to join in on the fun.   Bubba is loaded with personality and a softly loving feel.  Sit down on the floor and he’ll come on over and eagerly accept all over body pets and rubs.  That purr will confirm that you’ve hit just the right spot. His face always looks like it needs a good wiping especially around his eyes but don’t let that deter you from having this amazing kitty kat as your companion kitty.  He will make you proud and feel loved!