HISTORY: Callie along with her brother, Tawny were surrendered to CFC when their owners moved into assisted living.

Take a peek at Callie, who spends a good portion of her time relaxing and watching all the goings on … volunteers walking dogs, birds, rabbits, etc.! Callie gets along well with the other cats in her room although she does not seek attention from them. She spends a good portion of her time to herself unless she is snuggling on top of a condo with her brother, Tawny. Callie is friendly, however she is a little shy with new people. She does allow pets, though Callie can be choosy about when and how long she will let you pet her. Let her sniff your hand first and Callie will let you know if she is inclined to receive your attention. We believe she would do well in a home with other like-minded cats.

Update May 2024:  What a sight for sore eyes!  Folks, CALLIE is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!  This velvet to touch sweet lady is fully out and about in her room and what a joy it is to see her calm and relaxed and enjoying our warmer weather.  When we recently caught up with her,  she was on the patio in a mid-rise cat tree reclining on her side and watching the grassy field area.  While it can be tempting and with poor results to stroke a kitty’s belly area, this delightful lady was totally ok in having her new human friend touch and stroke her all over.   She was wiggling and squirming on her back one minute and then on all fours giving us a glorious arched back.  She had the company of another cat the next tier down and in general seemed unphased by all the cats in her vicinity.   Very friendly and welcoming, she earned high marks for her trial run pet “interview” and can’t wait to get that real interview with you!