DSH– Gray

HISTORY: Casey was found as a stray.

The adorable Casey is still getting her bearings here at CFC. We don’t think she had much exposure to humans prior to her arrival, so it is natural that it would take her some time to grow more comfortable.  Every so often she shows glimpses of the playful, curious and loving kitten that we know is hiding behind her layer of shyness.  She has shown a lot of interest in other cats, particularly those who are her own age.  Adopting her alongside a more confident kitten would likely do wonders to help her come out of her shell.  Besides, look at that beautiful coloring and adorable face.  How could anyone resist sweet Casey?

Mini Volunteer Update May 2022: Every time I approach her she goes into “super-cute” pose. She loves being petted! Head, back, or belly is all wonderful to her.

Fall 2022 Update: It was a mirage. I needed my eyes checked! Turns out, my eyes were just fine and no it was NOT a mirage in seeing Casey outside in her catio area relaxed and enjoying the wind in her short, sleek coat of fur! This precious little lady is still very, very shy but gosh, it’s so rewarding to see her venturing around, getting some fresh air and really thriving in the presence of her 14 roommates.  By far,  sleek black velvet kitty Neil is her fave but it’s not unusual to find her surrounded by others who make sure she gets plenty of love and attention. One of our volunteers, Scott is able to give her one on one pet time when she is on top of a condo.  It’s encouraging to see her level of trust ever so slightly grow with us humans.

Fall 2023 Update: Casey has had a great summer. This pretty, sleek jacketed lady routinely leaves her ultra safe perch atop one of the kitty condos to head outside to the catio area to get some sun and some sweltering heat, at times! She’s not really open to human contact while outside but inside and on top of a condo, we have some volunteers who are able to give her all over body rubs including her vulnerable belly area. Her best friend is still Cera and it’s not uncommon to find the 2 of them in “synchronized snoozing” mode! LOL. She is healthy and content and a very peaceful girl. We are proud of the slow and steady progress she has made to lead her best life.