DSH- Sleek Orange and White; White chest, orange saddle, tail and cap!

HISTORY: Cassanova was trapped as a stray by one of our volunteers from a colony on Shores Rd.

Meet Cassanova who has made great progress in the almost two years he’s been here. He is friendly but a bit timid, so he is a little slower to come around people. Though if you come down to his level by sitting on the floor he will surely come and visit you. Be slow, deliberate and patient with Cassanova and once you’ve gained his trust, he is easy going and loves pets and attention. He loves other cats and can often be found grooming or lounging around with them, especially Carson, Kit and Sophie. We believe he is the father of several of our younger cats, hence his name! Cassanova is truly a sweet boy that deserves a loving home. We believe he would do best in a home with other cats where he will feel more confident and not be lonely.

December 2023 Update:  Although handsome kitty Cassanova is in the most heavily populated “ginger jacketed” room of cats, still he stands out in this crowd of similar attired felines.   Cassanova arrived as an opinionated, hissy young man so to see him settle in and even very briefly rolling over on his back to accept rubs from us humans is super rewarding.  Volunteer Scott reports that Cassanova “waddles” (Not a flattering word but you get the idea!) on over to get some loving out of him.   Cassanova is most comfortable with pets along his back and more and more will seek out the humans for attention when they come a knockin.’   Cassanova does not have any best friends per se but rather has a rather broad network of cat friends in his room.   Tabby girl Sophie at some point was hoping maybe she could be the apple of his eye, but sadly he has moved on and now ignores her advances!  LOL.   While he’s not snuggling with other cats, still they are all very much within his sphere as he relaxes and takes in the scene.  We enjoy being a part of Cassanova’s road to pet success and we’d encourage you to perhaps think about how he might fit into YOUR cat crew at home.