Tabby with white chest and white tipped feet

HISTORY: Cassy was brought to CFC because she was living at a colony where, sadly, she was being bullied by the younger cats and she had resorted to hiding at all times.

Meet Cassy, who also goes by the nickname Meatball! Don’t let her grumpy face fool you as she is very friendly with people. Cassy enjoys having her ears scratched and will gift you with purrs as you present her with your undivided attention.

Cassy is in the process of adjusting to her new life here at CFC and she has not been out roaming around as of yet. As for the other cats in her room, time will tell whether she will be most comfortable in her own space or if she will do well with like-minded kitties. We are eager to see Cassy’s personality emerge as she becomes more comfortable in her new surroundings of the Senior Room.

So what do we think will work for Cassy in her senior years as she hunts for her furever home? At this time we believe she would feel truly relaxed in a quiet home where she is the only animal, where she can slowly settle into a routine with her person.