Orange Tabby;  White around mouth and neck area.

HISTORY: Cera was trapped with her sibling Hermione (adopted!) in a local colony of cats and together sought refuge here at CFC.

The key to my heart right now is having a cat or other cats to help me be at my best. When I see staff members or longer term volunteers coming my way, I will happily hop down off my condo perch and glide towards them to welcome them into my space. I am a sweet, gentle natured lady but losing out on some key early on socialization as a baby has left me a bit shy and uncertain around strangers. Once I know you, you’ll see I have a playful, fun side to me that will quickly have you coming back for a second helping of wonderful me! If you have time and patience and an extra cat or two, I’d love for you to consider me. Even if you don’t have other felines, I’d be happy to hook you up with my super best friend Fred (he’s next to me in some of the pictures) and in no time, we would all be best of friends.

Update Spring 2024: My good volunteer friend Scott calls me the Queen of Snooze. I’m thinking it’s because whenever he sees me, I’m napping. Most likely I am curled up with my bestie Casey. She and I are pretty tight and it’s a rare moment that you won’t find us in spoon and or cuddle mode. I’m a quiet, polite lady and Scott always takes the time to make sure I get my allotment of body pets from his kind, gentle hands. Casey can be a bit pushy as she wants all the attention and I will acquiesce (I don’t want any trouble) but still, Scott keeps an eye out for me and makes sure I get the love I need. With no emerging health issues, I am on target to enjoy the warmer months and having Casey right by my side, makes it all the more pleasant. CERA

Update Winter 2024: “I’m ok letting Volunteer Scott pet me but if I had my druthers, I might really prefer that he give me a wee bit more space and not touch my tempting coat,” explains our sunny faced, tabby girl CERA. And so it goes with our shy and timid friend. It’s all good though as Scott only briefly has contact with her and for the balance of her day, she can enjoy and really, revel in hanging close by her bestie Casey. More recently, Patsy Cline has been spotted enjoying Cera’s company so perhaps her circle of friends is ever so slowly enlarging. Most typically, Cera can be found relaxing on the top of a condo as her preference is to lead a less active and less social (as it relates to humans) lifestyle. We’re honored to be the ones in charge of Cera’s care and respect her desire for privacy. She’s in great health and in good spirits so we’ll look forward to her enjoying the extra wafts of warm air as it migrates upward to the condo top on these chilly winter days.

Fall 2023 Update: Cera has a new tag line from one of her volunteer human admirers, “Synchronized Snoozer.” Like most kitties, Cera excels at napping but our cautious lady more and more is apt to be intertwined and sharing body heat with her good friend Casey. Casey, also a more shy girl, and Cera are rarely found alone and what a joy it is to witness the comfort they find in each other. Cera is almost never spotted off the top of a condo but we know she’s getting down as she’s maintaining a more robust physique and getting in some good snackin’. Healthy and happy, Cera goes about her daily business with Casey by her side and wants for nothing. Content and quiet, we’re honored to have her under our care.