DSH- Black and White with a black dot under chin. Lovely light green eyes.

HISTORY:  When Checkers’ family went into Assisted Living,  we opened our doors to Checkers and several of her other kitty friends.

Who are we beaming about?? Well, it’s CHECKERS! When her human family went into Assisted Living, we provided a safe spot for this beautiful lady. Checkers had a tough go of it initially but today she is one of the bravest kitties which makes us so proud! Her “work space” is in the busy kitchen area where she is now easing out of her condo and perhaps relaxing on a cart strategically positioned for an easy and quick inside and out if need be. We originally had her in one of our cat rooms in a condo, but she was not thriving there. She’s now getting lots of attention and positive reinforcement and it’s super rewarding to see the amazing pet that her prior family knew and we are now getting to know.   With her softly, sashaying hips and intriguing, light green eyes, we know you will be drawn to her and will wish to reach out to pet and love on her.  In her prior life, Checkers lived with several cats…both male and female…and she was 100% doted and loved on. She’s hoping to recapture that same pet position and would love for YOU to please ask about HER!

Winter 2024 Update: We are all beaming and gaga over our lovely black and white lady Checkers. This amazing lady initially had a tough time transitioning here but now she’s fully out and about and eagerly sharing her wonderful, vibrant self with all! She’s working hard in the kitchen at The Scratching Post and will now trot from one end of the room to the other especially if she’s called for dinner time in her kitty condo. This delightful, slightly chatty girl skillfully navigates what can be a lot of chaos and energy (think lots of teen kitties scampering around, dishes being washed and laundry being folded) and has finally found her niche after struggling for several months to fit in. Count on Checkers to head butt you and feel free to give her loving scratches and strokes to her wonderfully velvet coat. With her health intact, we’ll look forward to her enjoying her first winter with us with a close eye on the ultimate prize of heading home.

Mini Volunteer Update:  Checkers is my girl!  It’s been a joy to see her evolve and settle in.  I’m biased in chatting about her because when she sees me coming her way,  she will literally start to cry out for me to hurry up and come on over!  Yep.  She kind of likes me a lot and truth be told,  I like her too as well.  I love seeing her on her front “patio” aka rolling wire cart.   She’s literally stepping out of her safe zone (the cat condo) and in doing so,  is allowing me even more access to her whole body so she gets all over body rubs.  She’s a great purrer and it’s rewarding to hear her steady, humming drone of contentment.  I love seeing my Checkers girl and can’t wait to hear she’s found a family of her own.