DSH- Tuxedo

HISTORY: Chibs arrived with his littermates, Gemma and Tig, from a large unmanaged cat colony with ~100 cats.

When Chibs first arrived with his littermates he was incredibly scared and wasn’t sure about all the attention he was receiving at CFC. In his previous life at the colony he had very few social interactions with people and as a result, he didn’t learn to trust humans and accept affection.

Chibs is still incredibly shy, although in his time at CFC, he is slowly making progress in socialization and trust with people thanks to the dedication and love from staff and volunteers.. Take your time with him and slowly approach, Chibs will allow you to pet him. He especially likes to be petted around his ears. Chibs loves to romp and play with his littermates Gemma and Tig. He hasn’t shown interest yet in cat toys, though he does watch intently as his littermates play with the wand toy. We cannot wait to see how his personality emerges as he learns trust and affection from his socialization here at CFC.