DSH- Tuxedo

HISTORY: Chibs arrived with his littermates, Gemma and Tig, from a large unmanaged cat colony with ~100 cats.

When Chibs first arrived with his littermates he was incredibly scared and wasn’t sure about all the attention he was receiving at CFC. In his previous life at the colony he had very few social interactions with people and as a result, he didn’t learn to trust humans and accept affection.

Look at him now… Chibs is still a bit shy with new people, though once you are someone he trusts, he is a ball of affection. He loves to be petted, especially around his ears! And if you are someone he completely trusts, he will allow you to pick him up and cuddle with him. He has started to show interest in cat toys, but does get a little overwhelmed with a lot of motion.  Chibs is still learning his place in his room at The Scratching Post. He gets along well with the other cats in his area though you will most likely find him relaxing on his own in a cat tree. At this time he is not seeking out their attention. If he feels as though he is a little overwhelmed you will find him scampering around the room looking for somewhere safe to hide.

As staff and volunteers continue to work with him on socialization and trust, we cannot wait to see how his personality continues to emerge as he gains trust and confidence.