DSH Black with some sable coloration.

HISTORY: Cole was trapped at the yellow house at the end of Sanctuary Lane.

When I and my brother Wyatt and sister Lena first came to the sanctuary as wee kittens I was the most frightened of our little band. I would shrink from being touched and was known to let loose with a spitting hiss that would cause even experienced cat people to jump back. I’ve got to admit that it was fun seeing them react that way, since I knew that I was all bluff.  Much has changed thanks to all the love I have experienced here; now I am trusting and treasure stretching out and having visitors make over me. Pet me and my mitten paws knead in the pure pleasure of it all. I like other cats and am just a well adjusted and sweet guy.

Update Spring 2022: Cole participated in our 2022 March Meow Madness competition in the hopes of securing a pile of treats and toys. He advanced past Fred before losing to Merle in the second round. We are thrilled that Cole had such a good showing and that he’s starting to come out of his shell a bit. Cole has been a CFC resident for many years and has always been one of our shyer cats. Lately, however, he’s been growing vocal and is even starting to come up to people for pets. We’re so proud of your progress, Cole!