DSH- White coat and a black cow pattern. Black “heart” on the tip of her nose!

HISTORY: Constance was found as a stray in a county with a high kill shelter. She was initially taken in for fostering when her foster mom learned she was pregnant. She had a litter of 5 kittens end of July. The kittens tested negative for FIV+ early winter and have been rehomed.   We accepted Constance into our program as she was out of options.


Super detailed bio info from her foster mom. Read and enjoy and then ask to come and meet this spectacular lady:

Constance is a lovely cat. She is calm and sweet and carries herself with a flair of sophistication. She glides around gracefully and never seems to be in a hurry. She is beautiful and she is smart. She is content to spend most of her day lounging in the warm sun and tending to her five little ones. She has been a great mom to her babies. Even as she weaned them, she was never harsh and just moved away when they tried to nurse. She is quiet and gives the sweetest little “purring/chuffing” sound as she calls and checks to make sure the babies are not into too much mischief. We believe that she is about 2 years old. Her teeth are in really good condition and health wise, you would never suspect that she is FIV positive. Her eyes are big and bright and she has the cutest little black heart on her nose. She LOVES to eat and waits patiently for her wet food and her dry food. She was very thin when we first got her and we made sure to feed her well as she prepared for the kittens arrival. She is still showing some of her “baby weight” and we have to watch just how much she does eat. We feed her Purina brand kitten chow (because she is still with the kittens) and Purina pate cat food (mixed grill flavor) and she likes both. She doesn’t play much with toys and tends to just want to stay close by to wherever we are. She lets me hold her but I think she prefers, like most cats, to just be by you. She gives the sweetest “head hugs” as I lean in and we touch foreheads together. She purrs with contentment as we greet each other. Her bright eyes make me smile and when she gives me her head hugs, it just warms my heart. We’ve fought hard for her and her little ones and I want so badly for this sweet girl to have the best life that she can. We still have her babies, who just turned 8 weeks old on September 29th, with us. Our first test of the kittens last week showed FIV positive for all five. It was a huge disappointment, but I know there is still hope that they won’t be, so we will try again to see. Constance is an incredibly sweet girl and I know she will make a wonderful companion for someone looking for a laid back feline friend.

Spring 2024 Update: “I yam who I yam,” explains our pretty lady CONSTANCE. Constance has been working hard at accepting some of the “turn” in her room. With cats heading home and some new arrivals shaking up the status quo, Constance has done a good job in remaining pleasant and relatively unreactive to the new cats. Preferring a cat free environment, daily she is tested but is holding her own and politely asking for some human attention as volunteers come in to sit and socialize everyone. Constance is right in the thick of things as gentle pets and strokes are doled out on the turquoise steps by one of her fave humans, Scott. Constance remains in good health…a bit on the chunky side..but in the big picture she’s doing terrific. Constance still has her eye on the ultimate prize of heading home so she happily works on her interviewing skills as folks stop by to say “Hi.” 

Winter 2024 Update: Our more rotund black and white friend Constance loves human attention and loves relaxing and reclining in a poofy bed near a window setting. Over the last several months she has watched many of her roommates head home, but alas she’s still here. On a positive note, as kitties have come and gone, Constance has become just a wee bit less reactive to all in her room. She’s now more apt to walk away and ignore situations that might have previously set her off which is great to see. Afterall, who doesn’t love peace, calm and quiet?? Us humans love stopping by R3, the room Constance calls home as we know she’ll give us a warm welcome and soft body sashay of “Hello.” 

Fall 2023 Update: Constance is a smart girl. She knows when regular cat volunteer Scott comes a knockin’ to socialize with everyone, she does not have to move an inch as Scott will bring his love right to her! Our pretty girl, a bit oddly, is in major shed mode right now and in petting her, the fur is a flyin’ everywhere off her. LOL. She’s had to contend with newer arrival Sergeant’s butting in on her petting sessions but luckily the two of them never get too agitated with the other. Sergeant wants ALL the attention and as we know, Constance wants a slice of attention and then she’s done with you. Constance is at a good weight now and healthy as healthy gets. We’ll enjoy watching her stretch out in one of our outside catio chairs to catch the pretty fall color show that awaits her.