HISTORY: Cornelia along with her brothers found their way to CFC to assist two neighbors trying to control their stray population.

My big brother Caesar must have gotten most of the extrovert genes in our little family, for I am more the introvert.  Being introverted doesn’t mean that I’m not sweet-tempered, peaceful, sensitive, and capable of receiving and giving lots of love. With a personality that is equal parts gentleness and bashfulness, there is ample room for me to grow into the purrfect companion. I get a little overwhelmed by the rush of everyone to greet visitors to our room and hang back to observe the activities. Visit with me while I lie in my bed on a shelf and I often will just flop with a half roll to encourage you to love on me gently. Scratch my chin and you’ll begin what I hope will be a beautiful friendship. It may take more patience to develop our relationship and gain my absolute trust, but the rewards will make the effort well worth it.”