DSH- Solid Black

HISTORY: Daisy and her sister Tulip were transferred in from a shelter in GA.

MEDICAL NOTE: Daisy tested positive for FeLV+

When released from her overnight condo Daisy, is a whirlwind of playing and chasing her sister Tulip. It’s constant motion with them taking turns chasing each other with slight pauses to grab a toy mouse or engage in tunnel hide and seek with Houdini, who is loving having frisky playmates. Thus far Daisy isn’t a lap seeker, but once she’s wound down she is not adverse to some pets. Daisy and Tulips exuberance has added life to the FeLV+ room and their play is wonderful entertainment. Daisy and Tulip are basically identical except Daisy has red tinted paw pads and she is ever so slightly bigger than Tulip.