DSH- Black primarily with white on face and toes.

HISTORY: Mouse and Dove were trapped at a local unmanaged colony of over 100 cats.

Dove is tiny and petite, but don’t let her size fool you. She is daring, inquisitive, and into everything. Her itty-bitty physique adds to her overwhelming cuteness. When she stares up at you with those round golden green eyes, she melts your heart. She loves toys, treats, and affection. She’s the ring leader racing around the house and having more fun than anyone. She always seems pleased with herself. Very confident. She gets along well with the dog in her foster home. Always trying to engage the dog to play with her. Dove is a fun-loving, adorable, kitten that will keep you entertained for sure. She may be a little shy until she gets to know you. But much like her best friend, Mouse, just bring out the treats, and she’ll bring out her personality.

Dove will be happiest in a family with older children or no children. She would be over the moon with joy if her best friend, Mouse, was adopted with her to the same home! Dove has had a rough start in life, but who says dreams can’t come true!