DMH- Solid grey

HISTORY: Eclipse along with her sibling Moon and Sunny were born at CFC. Mom, Gypsy was surrendered from a local unmanaged cat colony.

Take a peek at Eclipse! Isn’t she the most adorable little fluff ball you’ve ever laid eyes on? She is incredibly friendly and loves to receive attention from her visitors. She doesn’t mind being picked up and held and adores being petted. If you can’t tell by her name, she and her siblings, Moon and Sunny, were born on the day of the solar eclipse!

Eclipse gets along very well with her siblings. Most of the time you can find the three of them either romping around their condo together or they are in a cuddle puddle napping. Eclipse loves playing with all types of cat toys. She and her siblings especially love watching and trying to catch a wand toy as it is tossed around!

We believe Eclipse will do well in home with other cats. Maybe you’re even looking for siblings. Come out and visit Eclipse and Moon.