DSH- Orange Tabby with White

HISTORY: Fred came in with Dino (who we believe is his brother), Betty (who we believe is his mother) and her five little kittens. The property owner does not like cats and wanted them all gone! CFC came to their rescue.

My earliest months were spent with my mom, Betty, and my brother Dino fending for ourselves and deprived of the love and companionship of people. As a result, I am a bashful, although very gentle, fellow. My journey to trust has reached the point where I sidle up to visitors, greeting them with little chirped meows and hoping for some gentle caresses and soft scratches under my chin. I’m as soft as the finest talcum powder with the nattiest white vest, cute as a button pink nose, and luminous copper eyes that make a new penny look tarnished in comparison. I very much like other cats and for the right artist I’m going to be a priceless masterpiece.”

Update Spring 2024: “Fred keeps on Truckin,” according to his good friend, fan and volunteer extraordinaire Scott.  It might sound silly but he’s still adjusting to his new “look,” ….his crumpled ear, the result of a bad ear hematoma.  If you think about it,  he’s lost some of his hearing with the folded over ear so it can’t be a lot of fun for him.   Fred is still acting like a sidelines kind of kitty- not wanting to create any waves and opting for more quiet areas in his room.  We’ve spotted him outside a bit more with the warmer temps so it’s nice to see him in some of our catio chairs taking in some sun rays and fresh air.  Volunteer Scott makes sure to include Fred on his rounds in the room as he gives him some back and neck massages and no doubt, stays well clear of the ear!   We enjoy Fred and appreciate the quiet, calm that brings to his room.  He’s fine health wise so the sky is the limit for how he chooses to enjoy the warm temps that lie in wait for him this summer.  

Update Winter 2024: Is it pushing a more senior status or the longer term effects of an ear hematoma that has changed Fred’s interaction with his humans? We’re not really sure but he was just never 100% the same following his painful ear condition. His good human friend Scott reports that he’s more quiet now and no longer actively asks for attention. Scott still seeks out his orange friend and will softly pet him when he’s relaxing on the top of a condo and reassure him that all is well. Fred has a more quiet, sedate feel to him but happily has more recently forged a friendship with the amicable Patsy Cline kitty. Fred is sadly experiencing issues with his other ear now so we’re hoping that will not drag on for him. His new blood panel looks great so that’s always positive news. The other kitties in the room respect and enjoy his company so we’ll be relying on them in part to help our good friend over this newer health hurdle.

Fall 2023 Update: I’m happy to report that my good volunteer friend Scott is now able to pet and love on me as it was in the good ol’ days. For a chunk of this year, I’ve been suffering a bit from an ear hematoma. Visibly, I now bear the scars of the hematoma as one of my ears looks like a crumpled up potato chip. Life is nearly back to normal for me now as I’m feeling better and Scott carefully pets me and tells me I’m the best. Scott knows to sit down on the cozy blue steps in my room so I can trot on over, all the time crying out how pleased I am to see him. He’s noted that while I am generally good with most of the cats in my room, still he’s my fave being to hang out with. With no other emerging health issues (thank goodness!), I look forward to relaxing and enjoying the cooler temps with Scott right by my side. All the best ~ Fred