DSH- Tuxedo

HISTORY: Gemma arrived with her littermates, Chibs and Tig, from a large unmanaged cat colony with ~100 cats.

When Gemma first arrived with her littermates she was very scared and wasn’t sure about all the attention she was receiving from everyone at CFC. But look at her now… Gemma is a still a bit shy upon first meeting new people. Although once you are someone she trusts she does love to receive pets! She’ll even reward you with purrs! At this time she isn’t fond of being held, she prefers to keep her paws on the ground. This may change as her level of trust grows with someone. Gemma loves to romp and play with her littermates Chibs and Tig and she is slowly starting to show interest in cat toys, especially wand toys.  We enjoy watching as Gemma’s personality blossoms as a result of the love and attention she is receiving from the CFC staff and volunteers. We think she will do best in a home with another compatible cat she can be friends with.

More about me March 2024: GEMMA is as cute as they come and what a spit-fire of a little lady! Gemma arrived feeling very shy and overwhelmed but fast forward a few months and voila, we have a new girl on our hands! Gemma is very much a kitten at heart and on paper. She is super playful, inquisitive and curious especially if she has kitty partners in crime! We have her “working” in our busy kitchen area so we can continue to physically handle and touch her and pick her up. She still has her shy moments and can get overwhelmed quickly but she’s very much coming along. Her best friends right now are kitties Lime and Melon and to see this trio prowl around making mischief is a beautiful sight. The 3 of them love batting and swatting anchored feather toys in the room and if we open up our large wooden trunk loaded up with a myriad of toys, well they will all stand on their rear legs, take a peek in and perhaps fish out a toy or two in need of activation. In her new pet position, no doubt Gemma will need playful, confident resident kitties to help guide her along to pet perfection. Think monkey see, monkey do! We’re excited about what the future might hold for our sweet girl and are hopeful that perhaps YOU, yes you might be a part of that bright future.