DSH- Orange tabby with white

HISTORY:  Gia was a stray on Shores Road with her sister Rue and mom Danielle.

Gia spends most of her time on top of the cat condos or curled up in a cat tree. She isn’t the most outgoing, at least not yet, but will tolerate and even enjoy pets if you’re slow and gentle. Due to her bright orange coat and chunky physique, one of our staff members likened her to a sweet potato. Gia took it as a compliment, since they’re quite delicious. Gia gets along well with most other cats, but seems put off by anyone too high energy. Once she’s gotten to know you she’ll happily chase string toys across the room. We have hope that she’ll blossom even further into a confident, affectionate cat, so if you think you can help make that happen for her, we would love for you to pay Gia a visit.

Update December 2023:  Gia seems to be a bit of a creature of habit as she still loves hiding out and enjoying the perks of a good cat tree vs opting to spend quality time with us humans.  LOL.  Yep,  she is still a bit of an introvert when it comes to interacting with the 2 legged variety.  We have found more recently however that she’ll come out from the lower cubby hole in the cat tree when she sees a heated game of laser dot going on with the other cats.  She’s jaunty on the spot and ready to get into the thick of things.  It’s fun to see her playing and actively engaging with her roommates and who knows,  maybe one of these days she find that the humans can also be fun.