DLH- Tabby with brown stripes, white chest and boots.

HISTORY: Harper was found with her sister Everly under a shed as a very young kitten.

I’m the fluffiest girl in the county who’s ready to get to work!

Can’t you just see this uber fluffy, super stunning, poof ball on her back lovingly gazing at you?? We’re the lucky ones (for now) to see teen kitty HARPER each day as we care for her til YOU come for her! Found as a very young kitten with her sibling Everly (rehomed!), Harper is still very much a teen on paper and also at heart. She was adopted out for a period of several weeks but in part because of her spunkiness and then having more limited options to play and work her way through her silliness, she found herself in a room by herself for longer periods of time. The family ultimately felt she was not a great match for their home so she’s regaining her footing here. 

Fast forward a couple of months and just look at her now! Harper has had a couple of months to settle back into life here at CFC and she is flourishing. She is out of her condo full time and is getting along well with the other cats in her room. She is super friendly and loves being the recipient of all of your attention. As you stroke down her fluffy coat she arches her entire body into the pets! She is incredibly playful and thoroughly enjoys playing with cat toys.  We believe one or two compatible kitties in her new home and perhaps a home that is more quiet/calm, will best suit our pretty lady. We are smitten with our friendly, cover girl kitty and can’t wait for the ideal family to better understand her needs and make her shine. Might that be you?