DSH, black

HISTORY: Harry is a transfer from Shadow Cats.

MEDICAL NOTES: Harry is positive for FIV.


Harry was found in a very bad neighborhood in Stafford Co. by Shadow Cats. He was taken to the vet for a injury to his leg from being attacked by another animal. While at the vet he was tested for FIV and FeLV. Sadly for Harry, he was positive for FIV. Shadow Cats contacted CFC and after being on the waitlist for a few months he was brought in.

Harry is very friendly with staff and volunteers. He likes to be picked up and petted. Harry is eager for attention from everyone. He is adjusting to his new surroundings and his fellow roommates. As Harry settles in, we hope to see more of his friendly personality.

Volunteer Thought February 2023: Check out this face folks!! Do you see that perpetual grin on his face? Our delightful, sleek black velvet kitty HARRY is such a great sport and what a true friend to all! Found as a struggling stray, one look at him and you know life has not offered him a silver platter. We are working to change that for him though. It’s been tough for Harry but yet he is THE nicest cat and so welcoming of everyone. On our first meeting, he strolled right over to introduce himself to me. He was all leg sashays and figure eights, great eye contact and even some light dialog! Very open to being picked up and carried to several spots for photo time, Harry really goes with the flow. He’s so unflappable! As other kitties in his room were zooming past him and or simply coming up to say “hi” to him, he was a consummate friend to all. It’s clear the other cats in his room really, really enjoy his company and us humans, well we ADORE this handsome guy. If having a more chill, very friendly kitty in your home sounds like the perfect match for you, Harry would encourage you to please visit him so you too can experience how lovely a companion pet he’ll make. Ask for Harry today!