DSH- Brown tabby

HISTORY: Holland was found as a stray alongside siblings India and Everest.

MEDICAL NOTE: Holland tested positive for FIV.

This playful boy won our hearts so fast your head would spin! He was in quarantine for several months pending some FIV retests and kept himself entertained with plenty of antics. He has now officially tested positive and resides in R3, our FIV+ cat room, where he keeps the older cats on their toes! Holland loves to be held and paid attention to. If he feels like he’s being neglected, he will meow until you come over and pet him more. Holland absolutely loves toys and will spend hours chasing feathers, mice and balls around the room. He gets along well with other cats, particularly his sister India, and would likely do well with dogs given the proper introduction. We love Holland and are confident that you will, too!