DSH- Torbie

HISTORY: Houdini was found as a stray then surrendered once she was tested for FeLV.

MEDICAL NOTE: Houdini is FeLV+

What’s not to love about sweet Houdini? This adorable cat is full grown but still has the personality of a kitten. She loves to run around, explore, and play! If she hears voices outside of her room, she’ll jump onto the door and dangle so she can peek out the window! When she’s spent all of her energy, Houdini enjoys snuggling and will even let you pick her up and hold her. Due to her FeLV+ status, Houdini should either be the only cat in the home or join a family with other FeLV+ cats. Once you meet this wonderful girl for yourself, you’ll absolutely want to take her home with you!

Spring 2024 Update: My good human friend Scott says that I just “appear” out of nowhere when he enters my room. Well, duh…I AM HOUDINI, right? I’ll not judge my friend too harshly as he is a true delight and treasured companion to me. Visiting with me a couple days each week, Scott is always generous in giving me just the right amount of TLC and pets before he picks up on my signal that I’m done. He’s a smart human who will then whip out his laser dot toy and then the silly “dot” game begins in great earnest! In addition to Scott, I also have a lovely older couple who lavish me with the perfect amount of attention once a week, so I feel I have a pretty good set up here. I’m healthy as healthy can be and want for nothing. HOUDINI

Winter 2024 Update: “Life would be nearly ideal if those flower girl kitties… AKA Daisy and Tulip…were adopted and exited my room,” explains our good friend Houdini.  Houdini’s opinion is not alone as “the girls” are very young and bouncy and at times ill mannered.  A dignified, well mannered kitty such as Houdini perhaps is wondering what she did wrong to be deserving of their company.  LOL.   With an eye out to avoid “the girls,” when us humans come a callin,’ should we sit on the wooden steps in the room,  Houdini will come over in search of some pets.  What brings her even more joy is when the laser dot game is in full active mode. Several kitties get in on that fun game and for even a few moments, Houdini will share the playing field with “the girls” and all are able to get along.  What a wonderful sight to see!   Houdini is doing well health wise so she is ready for more drive by petting sessions and laser dot games. 

Fall 2023 Update: What’s not to love about our sweet girl Houdini? This lovely tabby is soft in her ways and known for her “drive by” technique in seeking pets from the humans who are seated in her room. Take a seat and she’ll slowly walk right by you with the goal of having that hand reach out to give her a pet of appreciation and love. Houdini has been spending her days equally inside and outside but with the cooler temps coming in, likely she’ll opt to be outside just a wee bit more. Houdini is great health wise so we see no reason for her not being able to ease down into one of the poofy chair pillows on the catio to enjoy the fall display of color. You go girl and act early so you get a front row seat!