DSH- Solid Black

HISTORY: Isabelle was surrendered from a large unmanaged cat colony with ~100 cats.

When Isabelle first arrived she was very frightened and didn’t want anything to do with people. In her previous life at the colony Isabelle had very few social interactions with people and as a result she didn’t learn to trust humans and accept affection.

Look at her now! In the few months Isabelle has been at the sanctuary she has made wonderful progress in her socialization with people. Isabelle is still a bit shy, though she now will approach people for attention and pets, seeming to adore the strokes she receives by nuzzling in to them! If you really want to hear her purr, she adores having her behind scratched! At the moment she hasn’t show interest in cat toys, at least while people are around!

Isabelle was recently moved into one of CFC’s rooms at The Scratching Post and is adjusting to her new area at the sanctuary and learning where she fits in with the other cats in her room. You can usually find her relaxing in a cat tree in between two condos, either resting or watching the other cats move around the room.