DSH- Orange Tabby

HISTORY: Itsy was found as a stray and adopted alongside her sister Bitsy. Both were returned to us when their owner became unable to care for them.

Itsy is one of several cats in R2 that prefer to stay on top of the cat condos. Don’t let this fool you, though, as she is super friendly if you get a step ladder and come meet her up high! Once she’s more comfortable she’ll come down and hang out with you on the floor, but having a vantage point up top makes her feel safe and secure. She gets along great with other cats and can usually be found in a snuggle pile with several others. We encourage you to grab a ladder and take the time to meet this special girl.

More about me Winter 2024: “I’m an approachable, sweet girl but I’ll ask that you come and meet on the top of a condo.  I’ll be most open to meeting you there,” explains our orange tabby friend ITSY.  It’s rare that you don’t find Itsy in her safe spot on a condo and even more rare that you might ever find her alone as typically she is in a heaping pile of other cats.  Especially, in the winter months when the heat is rising and floor area is drafty,  heat can be found in cat numbers!  LOL.  If Itsy were to name her besties perhaps it would be Click, Chloe and Sprite.  Itsy is very much an under the radar kind of gal but still she and we hope that the right family will give her a chance.  Until then and in good health,  she’s content and happy right where she is.