JACKSON- Lifetime Resident




DSH -Black and White Male. Jackson sports a black cap wrapping around his right eye giving him a very dapper appearance. He has black on his chin, a black tail and beautiful yellow eyes.


Action Jackson is what my close friends call me. They know that I am in the perpetual hunt for activity and am always busy as a bee. I have loads of character and am frankly very full of myself!! Smile. Smile. Count on me to dramatically flop on my side so you can more easily give me belly rubs, chin massages and special scratches. With so much energy and love to share, I know I’m a hot commodity so come check me out while I am still available.

Update Winter 2024: He may no longer live up to the name of Action Jackson at the ripe age of nearly 15, but Jackson is still slowly and surely getting the pet job done each and every day.  Our handsome 2 tone fellow has really slowed down over the last few months and his coat is looking pretty ragged which is fairly typical for a cat of his years.   A creature of habit,   Jackson gets out of his bed early,  might even make it (LOL) and does a good job eating his meals.  With a few new cats recently added to his room,  he’s been a bit more slow in welcoming them to his space but he does nonetheless.  His good senior friend Oliver is likewise still hanging in there and it’s not unusual for the 2 of them to relax and spend the day within eyeshot of each other.  Outside of adding a new Seresto collar to Jackson’s “wardrobe,”  we are otherwise managing his health and trying to keep his routine as steady as possible for his benefit.  

Update Fall 2023: Jackson is doing well. Yes, it’s music to our ears!! Our handsome senior fellow has settled in so well into his new senior room that folks have clearly noticed his brighter, happier attitude and also an increase in his mobility. In addition, he’s more relaxed and calm and is often seen hanging out with good, older friend Oliver who made the move with him to this new room. We love seeing these 2 “old” men enjoying each other’s company in their golden years. With no emerging health issues and his good friend by his side, Jackson is no doubt set to enjoy the fall leaf show. We couldn’t be more pleased for him.