DSH- Brown/Black Tabby

HISTORY: Jacques was surrendered when his beloved owner passed away.

MEDICAL NOTE: Jacques tested positive for FIV.

Meet Jacques! This big fella is one you definitely cannot miss as he brushes against your legs seeking attention. He is extremely friendly with people and takes great delight in the head to tail pets he receives. While Jacques has your attention he may present his belly for rubs, but don’t fall for it, this is a ruse for him to grab your hand!

Jacques is incredibly curious of his surroundings seeking to investigate everything. He is especially interested in doors and what is behind them! Jacques hasn’t shown interest in playing with cat toys at this time, at least not while people are present. He does watch intently with a wand toy, watching where it goes.

Jacques is in the process of adjusting to his new life here at the sanctuary and learning where he fits in with the other cats in the FIV+ room. You can usually find him napping out on the catio.