DSH- Buff Tabby

HISTORY: The day Jordan came to CFC was the luckiest day of his life. You see, volunteers had set out to trap another cat in the busy parking lot when Jordan decided it was his time for a change of scenery. Prior to that, it was not even known that he was at that location. The volunteers knew he had great potential when he allowed them to pet him right away in spite of the trauma of being trapped and now being in a new environment.

Jordan was now a new resident of the Scratching Post where there were many new sights and sounds that made him retreat to the back of his condo. So much to get used to. One thing that made working with him so much easier was his fondness for treats! After a few months (and LOTS of treats) it was time for him to transition to R2 where he would have the freedom to wander around the room. Once out he has come into his own. Looking oh so relaxed in his many special places. Up on a tree, in a cubby or spread out in the middle of the room! He and the other residents seem to get along splendidly. While he is still a little nervous at loud noises when it is quiet he really shines. Soaking up the massages, chin rubs and even foot massages! He has been such a joy to witness his growth and indeed become the kitty that the volunteers knew he would be when they first picked him!