DSH- Solid Black

HISTORY: Justice and sibling Hope were transferred to us from C.A.R.E Henrico after testing positive for FELV. 



Let me introduce you to Justice!! He is incredibly friendly and outgoing. He purrs constantly and is eager to receive pets and attention from people. Justice is also extremely accepting of being picked up and cuddled. This spunky little guy is full of energy and extremely playful!! Justice enjoys playing with any cat toy he can get his paws on, batting and chasing them around the FeLV Room! He finds himself full of zoomies and runs around the room at full speed! Justice can go from zooming around the room to being nuzzled, and he is just as content as he was rocketing around the room! Justice gets along well with the other cats in our FeLV Room. He and Sai, another one of our FeLV kitties, have begun playing and romping around together!

Are you looking for a playful and loving companion to join your home? If so please check out Justice. We believe he will do well in a home with another like-minded FeLV kitty or, with his sister, Hope!

More about Justice March 2024: If you are into “Black Velvets”  AKA all black kitties, then siblings JUSTICE and HOPE might be just what you’re looking for!  These delightful, super soft to touch kitties are sweet natured, gentle and their personalities are just now rising to the surface!   Arriving from C.A.R.E Henrico when they tested FELV+, we had the perfect spot for them to interact and gain kitty knowledge from our other FELV+ cats.

Still very much kittens at heart and on paper, Justice is the ringleader of the two and he’ll be front and center when you enter his room. He’ll show off some smart dance moves and if you move slowly, go ahead and reach out to pet and love on him. He’ll enjoy the attention. He’s open to being picked up (although he can be a bit wiggly) and placed on a cat tree for attention so go ahead and try it! Sibling HOPE is definitely more shy and will scamper and hide when you enter the room. Slow and steady is the way to her heart so when you reach down to pick her up and snuggle with her in your lap, give her some time to settle in and you will feel her whole body relax and perhaps melt right into you!! The purrs will then also begin in earnest.

Both kitties are making wonderful progress as they settle into their new home and while they tested FELV+, they are just as active and playful as any kitties in a comparable age bracket.  They are hoping YOUR eyes are on them to bring out their full pet potential.  Ideally, they would love to head home together as in their minds, “We’re better together!”  Please come and see for yourself.