DSH- Solid Black

HISTORY: Karma along with her kittens, Kade, Kaleb and Karina arrived from a large unmanaged cat colony with ~100 cats. CFC has begun pulling the young, pregnant and cats with special needs.

Looking at Karma, you would scarcely believe that she herself has had kittens, as even now she resembles a kitten herself. When she arrived at CFC she was very interested in attention from people who visited her and her kittens. Karma was a very attentive and protective mama!

Fast forward to the present … Karma is extremely friendly with the staff and volunteers of CFC. She adores attention so much she will follow around whomever is in her area attempting to initiate pettings and attention! She loves being petted, although she can get a bit overstimulated with too much attention and will let you know when she’s had enough! Karma has recently begun showing interest in playing with the many cat toys laying around her area!

It has taken Karma a while to adjust to her new environment at the sanctuary along with the other kitties in her area. She gets along with the other cats in her area, although she does tend to stay to herself and does not seek out attention from her fellow roommates. If there is no human to follow around she is usually napping by a window! We believe she would do okay in a home with or without other cats.