DSH, orange and white

HISTORY:  Kit was a stray on Shores Road alongside brother Kyle and mom Alison.

Kit has aged out of his kitten antics and matured into a relaxed, affectionate young adult. He spends most of his time on top of the cat condos, snuggling with the other cats in his room. We think he finds the constant hustle and bustle of the sanctuary—particularly the younger kittens running around—a bit overwhelming. Once settled in a home, though, we anticipate that he’ll become a lot more playful and inquisitive. Kit is just a cat that needs a bit of encouragement to fully come out of his shell. He gets along great with other cats, though judging by his behavior we think he’d do better with an adult cat (or cats) than a kitten. Give this handsome man a chance and we’re sure that he’ll win you over! If you’d like to meet Kit, head to and fill out an adoption application.

Update Fall 2022: “Volunteer friend Scott calls me his whippet! He says I’m streamlined and toned just like this breed of dog,” giggles our good, kitty friend Kit! Kit is such a good natured, friendly guy and yes, he’s in good shape. There are no bulges, flab and or wiggly spots on this sleek guy! It’s not unusual for Kit to welcome you to his room and guide you around as he introduces other cats to you. A true friend to all, if Kit had to pick a best friend in his room it would be Deana. Deana is pretty shy around humans but she’s a very tempting kitty with her sleet white coat so we understand his attraction to her. With no emerging health issues, Kit looks forward to the fall display of colors and cooler temps.

Update Fall 2023: Is there romance in the air for our handsome fella Kit? Well, if you ask the ever amicable Kit, he will tell you, “Uh, no!” If you ask roommate Sophie who more and more goes over to rub on Kit, she might tell you otherwise! LOL. Truth be known, Kit is truly a friend to all …no special friends here…and he’s just a steady eddy with everyone in his room. Kit does a great job in sidling on over when the humans come into his room. Eternally pleasant and polite, we’re still baffled that he’s not yet gone home, but perhaps with the turning of the leaves and the fall season upon us, his luck will be changing. With no emerging health issues, no doubt Kit is able to put his best paw forward this fall.