Tabby- Long Haired

HISTORY: Laverne was surrendered back to CFC after issues with another pet (small dog) in the home.  She originally arrived here in 11/26/2022.  Back on 4/26/2024.

Laverne originally arrived at CFC along with her sister Shirley (who was adopted along with another CFC cat, Emmi) from a local cat colony. She was very quick to learn that people can be trusted and with that trust came affection and attention. Within a few months she was adopted and joined a small dog in her new home. All seemed to be going well until it wasn’t. Laverne begun to strike out at the small dog whenever the owner was showing affection to the dog. After trying to work through these instances, it became clear to the owner that this was an issue that wasn’t going to go away. Right away we decided that it would be less stressful for her to come back to the sanctuary.

Take a gander at Laverne and her gorgeous coat of tabby fur with her chubby chipmunk like cheeks!! She is very friendly and adores attention and pets. She isn’t a huge fan of being picked up at this time, preferring to keep all four paws on the floor. She enjoys batting and playing with an array of cat toys. We cannot wait to see what other delightful things we learn about Laverne’s personality as she settles in to sanctuary life. We believe once she has completely settled in she will get along well with the other cats in her room at The Scratching Post.