DSM- Solid Black with some white flecks on her chest.


HISTORY: When LIL’s family moved out of their apt,  sadly she was left behind.  The landlord contacted us to help rehome her.

MEDICAL: Lil’ tested positive for FIV. 

With a name like LIL you just can’t go wrong! A pet with this name sounds cute and petite and our LIL is all of this and more! When her family moved out of an apt, she was sadly left behind. Good news for her is that we had just (by coincidence or not!) adopted out one of our FIV+ kitties making it possible for her to quickly move in and settle in. Lil is a doll baby! We affectionately call her a Black Velvet because she’s super soft and yes, velvety to touch. Very friendly, polite, calm and soft in her ways, when you come and meet her, likely she’ll be out and about in the room. For your convenience, she might even position herself on a mid-height perch to maximize your ability to give her some pets and scratches at eye level.  Count on some head butts as well! She’s going to dip down and flop over on her side so be prepared to give her some much needed gentle attention. Lil has done well in this community setting of kitties but she could likely take it or leave it. She nicely coexists with everyone not yet having a best friend. We feel she would do well in a home with other kitties or as your one and only. She’s a more quiet girl who stays a bit to herself and does not create any waves. She just wants some steady love and attention and she’s good to go. We adore this sweet natured, little gem of a girl. Please come and experience her for yourself.

Update Spring 2024: I’ve had some rocky times since we last spoke, but I’m now doing A- ok! Thank you for asking. Earlier in the winter, not only did I find myself with an ear hematoma but I also had a mammary mass removed. Luckily, my ear is nearly healed and my mass was benign! Yes! I’m emotionally feeling a bit touchy if other cats get too close so I try to find quiet/calm/low traffic areas to promote a full recovery but yet allowing for the humans to give me walk by pets and words of assurance. I’m told I am a sweet, very dear kitty and this makes me smile and feel very loved. I’m still taking one day at time but am getting the care I need to thrive and be at my best. 

Update Winter 2024: It’s confirmed. Newcomer Lil is a hit. She’s a hit with the humans and also a hit with the other felines in her room. This pretty, sleek, black velvet lady made a very fast transition into her new “home” and we could tell right away that she would thrive and make friends. Lil loves giving and receiving attention and love. She’s one of the first kitties you will meet when you come by for a visit. While she does not have a best friend per say and is more typically relaxing and reclining alone, still she opts to surround herself with felines who are not too far away from her. A master purrer and one who will lean into your pets, we’re excited to have a healthy Lil under our care.