DSH; Tabby with white accents

HISTORY: Lime was born at CFC, along with her sister Melon, five days after her mom, Lemon, arrived. She was from a large unmanaged cat colony with ~100 cats.

As you enter The Scratching Post Kitchen you will become acquainted with Lime’s presence almost immediately! This little lady is incredibly vocal and is always on a quest for attention from people. Lime is friendly and is extremely fond of being petted. She will allow people she trusts to pick her up and cuddle, though Lime does prefer keeping her paws on the floor. Lime is extremely curious and enjoys adventuring all over the kitchen, whether it be on top of condo’s or scampering all around the floor, looking for something to get into. She enjoys playtime with an array of cat toys and is extremely excited to have some interactive playtime with a wand toy. Lime is, for the most part, a solitary cat and it seems that she prefers to be on her own unless she and her sister, Melon, are playing together. She gets along with the other cats in her area, however she does not tend to seek out their attention.

If you are looking for a playful adventurer, look no further than Lime! Or perhaps you are looking for playful but independent siblings, then Lime and Melon are your girls!

More about me March 2024:  LIME wins the award for being THE life of the party as she works every corner of our busy kitchen area at The Scratching Post.  Lime is here, she is there, she’s on her back with legs in the air, she’s on her side with her arm extending outward to nab you, etc, etc!  Lime is a hoot.  She is all teen kitten and more.  This petite spit fire of tabby goodness is very active, entertaining, social and loving.   She loves being in the thick of things and finds silly, goofy games at every turn in the road. Very chatty and flirty, Lime loves her humans as much as she loves other kitties.  A passionate girl who is full of herself,  she keeps us on our toes and we can’t wait to see how she will next make us laugh out loud!  Please experience her for yourself and let the good times roll!