Tabby- Brown and tan stripes

Just like Lola on the “big screen,” our Lola might even eclipse her namesake! Once thought to be feral, sweet, soft Lola is anything but!! A flirtatious girl who will bat her eyes at you to encourage interaction, Lola is adorable pure and simple. According to staff, “everybody loves Lola and Lola loves everybody.” Others have commented on how she melts like butter into your arms. Stop by today and meet our star of the big screen. Lola will likely cry out to you in entering her room so be prepared for head butts and figure eights at your feet.

Spring 2024 Update: I like the warm temps.  As you may recall,  during the winter months, it’s not unusual to find me burrowed beneath a heaping pile of fleece.  Now that it’s nearly June and the temps are cranking up, you’ll find me on the catio soaking up the heat like a huge tabby sponge.  Folks still comment that I yell and cry and sound like a huge bull horn when I see them coming my way.  My hearing may not be perfect so I can’t gauge how noisy I might actually be.  No matter to me as the net, end result is that folks come my way,  give me the pets and strokes I desire and then I’m ready for them to go away!  LOL.   Folks have recently described me as a sweet albeit at times cranky woman which I think is rather spot on!   With no new medical concerns,  I’m looking forward to the months ahead where I can relax outside,  enjoy the temps and take in the scenery.   LOLA

Winter 2024 Update: “Let’s play peek-a-boo,” suggests our lovely senior tabby Lola! Peek-a-boo you ask? Well, with the winter in full force, one of Lola’s main goals is to find a convenient and warm spot to call her own. To this end, as you enter her room, to the left, you’ll likely find her nicely snuggled under a fleece blanket. The location is key because if you know to look for her, she will be first on the visitation list and will get the best pets before anyone else! Lola might caution you to please select carefully the appropriate end of fleece to peek under to find her head. Should you miss the correct end, you’re apt to get a very mighty “meow” of correction. LOL. As per our last update, Lola seems to be “all lungs” these days as when she speaks it’s super loud and gets everyone’s attention. We attribute it to a loss in hearing. With no emerging health issues and a new Seresto collar in place, we’ll look forward to nudging our good friend awake as we stop by to say “Hi.”

Update Fall 2023: The older Lola gets, the louder she gets! Ask anyone about how chatty our senior lady is and hands down they will tell you Lola is by far the noisiest kitty on our campus! Our very mobile, agile lady moves with great haste as humans enter her room. She loves, loves being the center of attention and makes it clear that you, yes you, will give it to her. Her howling and chattering is at a remarkable decimal level. No joke! The vet suspects she may be getting hard of hearing so she has no idea how loud she is! Lola has never really had any close feline friends so when the humans come into her space, she could not be any happier and vocalizes her pleasure for all to hear. We admire her spunk and get up and go attitude and with no other emerging health issues (except perhaps some hearing loss), our pretty tabby lady is on target to ease on into the lovely fall season.