Just like Lola on the “big screen,” our Lola might even eclipse her namesake! Once thought to be feral, sweet, soft Lola is anything but!! A flirtatious girl who will bat her eyes at you to encourage interaction, Lola is adorable pure and simple. According to staff, “everybody loves Lola and Lola loves everybody.” Others have commented on how she melts like butter into your arms. Stop by today and meet our star of the big screen. Lola will likely cry out to you in entering her room so be prepared for head butts and figure eights at your feet.

February 2021 Update: Can’t find Lola? Check under a blanket! With the recent winter weather, Lola finds it coziest to nap with a blanket over her. If you nudge the Lola-shaped lump, though, she’ll meow happily as if to say, “you found me!” and emerge to receive attention. Lola loves people and will likely follow you around the room. In her younger days Lola did not get along much with other cats, but she has since mellowed out some and can coexist with fellow felines as long as they respect her boundaries. Though we at CFC would be sad to see Lola go, we’d be happy for her to find a home of her own. If you think that home could be yours, come meet Lola today. We’re confident that her goofy, loving personality will win you over.

Update Spring 2022: Lola participated in our 2022 March Meow Madness competition in the hopes of securing a pile of treats and toys. She advanced past Mari before losing to Brooke in the second round. Lola has an awful lot to say, and if you even look in her direction she’ll probably meow. She’s at her most vocal, though, if you find her while she’s under a blanket. Lola loves being visited while she’s at her coziest!

Update Fall 2023: The older Lola gets, the louder she gets! Ask anyone about how chatty our senior lady is and hands down they will tell you Lola is by far the noisiest kitty on our campus! Our very mobile, agile lady moves with great haste as humans enter her room. She loves, loves being the center of attention and makes it clear that you, yes you, will give it to her. Her howling and chattering is at a remarkable decimal level. No joke! The vet suspects she may be getting hard of hearing so she has no idea how loud she is! Lola has never really had any close feline friends so when the humans come into her space, she could not be any happier and vocalizes her pleasure for all to hear. We admire her spunk and get up and go attitude and with no other emerging health issues (except perhaps some hearing loss), our pretty tabby lady is on target to ease on into the lovely fall season.