DSH– brown tabby with white

HISTORY: Melody was born at CFC alongside sisters Alexandra and Valerie. Tabby Momma Jozy is the proud mom.

All three members of this litter are lovely, but Melody has solidified herself as the most outgoing! She is always the first to join her mom Jozy at the front of the cat condo to receive pets from visitors. She gets along great with her siblings and can usually be found playing or snuggling with them. She’s starting to get used to the joys of being picked up and carried around, and we anticipate a liking for laps in her future. Make Melody a part of your family today!

Update Winter 2024: Melody is such a friendly, good natured girl and we keep hoping soon it will be her turn to head home. The last of her 3 part sibling litter to be selected for adoption, no doubt Melody puts herself out there…literally…hoping to catch human eyes and hearts as they enter her room. Most days, you’ll find Melody relaxing in the cat tree by the front door and or on the table ledge near the door. It’s hard to miss her. She’ll also call out to you should you miss her. Seamlessly working the kitty group in her room, did you know she gets top marks in playing laser dot? She’s right in the thick of things, engaging with the dot and the myriad of other felines who opt in for this group play activity. Melody enjoys being picked up and loved on for shorter periods of time and will tell you she really wants her one and only! In perfect health, we have our paws crossed that soon she’ll be sending out an update that she’s been adopted.

December Update 2023:  Best for last?  Well, if you ask our lovely tabby lady MELODY no doubt she’d say she was and is the best from her litter. With her sisters Valerie and Alexandra safely tucked into their new homes, Melody believes it’s now her turn to go home and she’s right.   Melody has grown into a poised, very friendly, social young lady.  More recently,  she’s been hanging out on the cat tree as you enter her room, all curled up and looking so, so pretty and special.   Be sure to take a minute to give her a soft pet as an “entry” fee to her room before going in further!  Melody is a friend to all in her room.  While she does not have a best friend,  she might say, “Well they are all my friends.  Why play favorites?”  One of her favorite pastimes outside of reclining in volunteers’ laps is to play laser dot.  When Volunteer Scott comes a knockin,’  he whips out that toy and it has a swarming effect in Melody’s room.   Many of the kitties come scampering over, all hopeful that during the game, they will finally catch the dot!  Melody is right in the thick of things and it’s fun to see her running around, engaging with everyone and getting some exercise/stimulation.   In her new home,  we believe Melody would enjoy having the company of other cats …perhaps not super young kittens or ancient cats …but middle age would nicely match her pet style and skill set.  Sound like the perfect girl for you?  Let’s connect and get Melody to pet work!