DSH– brown tabby with white

HISTORY: Melody was born at CFC alongside sisters Alexandra and Valerie. Tabby Momma Jozy is the proud mom.

All three members of this litter are lovely, but Melody has solidified herself as the most outgoing! She is always the first to join her mom Jozy at the front of the cat condo to receive pets from visitors. She gets along great with her siblings and can usually be found playing or snuggling with them. She’s starting to get used to the joys of being picked up and carried around, and we anticipate a liking for laps in her future. Make Melody a part of your family today!

Update November 2022:After only being adopted for a day, Melody was brought back on October 29th. Her adopter was a young gentleman who wasn’t ready for the realities of owning a cat. Melody is still playful but a little subdued after her brief adoption. She is very friendly with staff and volunteers. Like her sisters she likes to play with cat toys and will bat them around for a time. Melody will let you pick her up and hold her, though she is still young, she may want down quickly! She may do better in a home with one of her sisters or a home that already has kitties. Though she may do great with someone willing to spend time with her as she grows more confident in a home by herself. If you are looking for a young, friendly and playful girl, please put in your application for her to schedule a visit.