HISTORY: Melon was born at CFC, along with her sister Lime, five days after her mom, Lemon, arrived. She was from a large unmanaged cat colony with ~100 cats.

Take a gander at this precious girl! Melon is very friendly and is incredibly fond of ear scratches. She will allow the people she trusts to pick her up and cuddle, though Melon prefers to keep her paws on the floor. She also likes to present her belly to visitors, inviting them in for belly rubs! Be aware that it is a trap for her to engage with a bit of nipping!

Melon gets along well with the other cats in her area of The Scratching Post Kitchen. She will initiate Lime, her sister, in a little bit of rough – housing together. You can also find her, along with Turtle and Gemma romping around and chasing each other around the kitchen. If Melon’s not running around the kitchen you can find her lounging around on either the floor or on the counters! She enjoys playing with cat toys and is very active with interactive playtime with a wand toy.

If you are looking for a friendly and playful kitty, look no further than Melon. Or perhaps you are looking for siblings, if so take a gander at her sister Lime also!

More about me March 2024: Meet little Mischief Maker herself,  MELON!  Melon is da bomb foks!  When you visit our Scratching Post kitchen,  no doubt you will meet Melon, whether you wish to or not!  LOL. Melon is here. She is there.  She is back over there, etc.  You get the idea!  We have Melon working hard in our busy area to help fine tune her pet skills and she’s coming along beautifully.  Daily we are reaching for Melon….literally…as we pick her up,  stroke her, and better acclimate her to humans.  While she was born here at the Sanctuary,  her mom Lemon was and is super shy so unfortunately she inherited some of those cautious/quirky tendencies and can get overwhelmed at times.  Generally, she is a girl on the go and a very happy one at that!  Typically she can be found goofing off and playing with her sister Lime and another kitty Gemma.  This very active trio of kitten mischief are in constant motion in our kitchen area.  The 3 of them love batting and swatting anchored feather toys in the room and if we open up our large wooden trunk loaded up with a myriad of toys,  well they will all stand on their rear legs, take a peek in and perhaps fish out a toy or two in need of activation.  Melon enjoys being in the thick of things and to help keep her at her pet best, in her new home will need playful, confident resident kitties to help guide her along to pet perfection.   Think monkey see, monkey do!  We’re excited about what the future might hold for our sweet girl and are hopeful that perhaps YOU, yes you might be a part of that bright future.