DSH - Large, golden, "owl-like" eyes;  sleek all black velvet jacket

HISTORY: Micha was found as a stray in Stephens City, VA and found refuge here.


I’ve heard the words spirited, spunky, and sassy used about me and it’s true that I’m a vivacious and lively little girl. While I am very thankful to CFC for saving my life I have to admit that I’m not enthused about our communal lifestyle. While I adore people I am decidedly not a feline fanatic and prefer to avoid the company of other cats. That said, have a seat and pat your leg and I’ll trot over and bounce up into your lap. With my steady purr and adoring gaze you will know for sure how much I revel in being loved on. I have a compact build and the cutest little impish face that my admirers tell me are pretty much irresistible. It feels so darned good to have folks to caress me and to tell me what a sweet girl I am. Now if I can just settle in with the “herd” as I wait for the next person to visit and lavish chinny scratches on me.”