DSH- Solid Black

HISTORY: Midnight was brought to CFC after one of his owners passed away and his other owner found it hard to care for him while facing his own medical issues.

MEDICAL NOTE: Midnight tested positive for FIV.

When Midnight arrived he was extremely afraid and was not interested in any kind of attention from people. As he began to adjust to his new surroundings here at CFC, staff and volunteers slowly started seeing changes in his temperament. Midnight would come closer to investigate and then at last he allowed someone to pet him!!

Look at him now… Midnight is incredibly friendly and relishes in receiving attention from his visitors, arching his whole body into your strokes to his body and gifting you with his purrs. You can usually find him lounging on one of the beds on the shelf in his room. Midnight gets along well with the other cats in the FIV Room, although he does not seek out their attention at this time. He hasn’t shown interest in cat toys, at least while people are present. We believe he would do well in a home with another like-minded FIV kitty.

More about me March 2024: Midnight found his way to the Sanctuary when his owner passed away and he’s settled in really well in his new environment. He arrived with a pretty nasty bald swatch all along the saddle area of his back (perhaps an allergic reaction to fleas) but that area is healing beautifully and no longer super sensitive and unhappy. We’re still coaxing hair growth in that area but slow and steady will win that race.

In his former life, Midnight shared his home with several other kitties and true to his character,  he seems just as pleased to mix and mingle with the new felines in his home here.  Midnight no doubt is one of the main meeters/greeters in his room.  As soon as you come through the main door,  Midnight is making a beeline to introduce himself with the goal of getting plenty of love and attention from YOU!  Very friendly and social,  Midnight will continue to follow you around til you take a seat and then he’s doing circles in and out and through your legs.  This boy just wants some lovin.’  It’s hard NOT to give this great, low riding lovebug some pets and massages and you’ll be glad you did as he sashays with pleasure as a special thank you for your time.  If you are in the market for Mr Congeniality himself and a kitty who will seek you out for company,  no doubt Midnight is the right kitty for you.  Please see for yourself.