Tabby- Black and Grey Stripes

HISTORY: Mouse and Dove were trapped at a local unmanaged colony of over 100 cats. 

Mouse was a very timid and shy guy when he first entered foster care. But after being told what an incredibly handsome fellow he was, and that he has one of the longest tails I’ve ever seen, I think it finally made him feel special and gave him the confidence he so desperately needed. After a few weeks of allowing him to adjust in his own time, he finally came around. His gorgeous green eyes and unique markings make this tabby truly a unique little man. His sleek fur feels like velour and his tail is remarkably long. When he’s happy, it lies across his back and between his ears. When fully mature, he is going to be a smaller kitty.

Mouse loves treats, wet food watered down a bit into a loose pate, as well as dry food. Also loves playing with toys and chasing his roommate, Dove. He’s been living with a dog in foster care and will get within a foot of the dog, but still a little scared. He likes to be picked up and petted, scratched under his chin, and kissed on top of his head. But only after he trusts you. If you give this handsome fellow a chance and allow him a little time to develop trust with you, he is amazing!! Just bring out the treats. They work like magic with this guy. Like a fine wine, with time and love, he will blossom into his best self.

Mouse will be happiest in a family with older children or no children.  He would be over the moon with joy if his best friend, Dove, was adopted with him to the same home!  Mouse has had a rough start in life, but who says dreams can’t come true!