DSH; orange tabby with white

HISTORY: Mr. Cat was a neighborhood stray who was trapped so a leg injury could be treated.

MEDICAL NOTE: Mr. Cat tested positive for FIV.

Mr. Cat came to us after a resident of the neighborhood he frequented trapped him so his leg could be treated for an injury. After taking him in, the vets realized he was FIV+ and thus could not be released back into the wild. Since he was friendly and well-liked by the neighborhood, the resident attempted to take him in herself, but her other cats did not like him. He found his way here, and we are so happy to have him. Mr. Cat only needed a couple of days to get used to his new home before he was sidling up to staff members for pets. He is incredibly affectionate, and as you can see from his photos it can be hard to get a good picture of him since he wants pets so much! He also gets along well with the other cats in the room and enjoys playing with fellow R3 resident Bronx. We quickly fell in love with him and have enjoyed watching his personality continue to blossom. If this bubbly boy sounds like he’d make a good addition to your family, come meet him for yourself and seal the deal!

Winter 2024 Update: Well, what do you know? Just when we thought we had our good orange and white friend Mr Cat “pegged,” there he goes changing up everything on us. Forever and ever, Mr Cat has opted to chill and relax in more quiet spots and always alone! With several adoptions in his room and hence several newcomers, we found him in a tiny carpeted cubby hole with Atari. All we could see were two heads poking out from this hole! We had to do a double take as it was such an odd site. The happy news is that Mr Cat made a friend. The other slice of happiness is that Atari (a newer arrival) had a tough and most hissy transition to CFC so for him to find comfort and a new friend on site was heartwarming. With Mr Cat’s health intact, we’ll look forward to carefully monitoring his new and budding relationship with Atari. 

Fall 2023 Update: Our handsome fella Mr Cat normally sits back and watches the other kitties in his room get pets and attention from our regular volunteer Scott but wouldn’t you know it, he’s starting to get proactive and saunter on over for some personalized pets and rubs. You go big guy! Mr Cat is a bit of a solitary fella so it was heartwarming to see this softer side of him. Mr Cat seems pretty content chiling in some of our hooded contraptions but periodically we’ll see him stretched out in the open in a sunny spot on the catio. Mr Cat is healthy and all set to enjoy the fall color show and Scott will be right there by his side to join in the fun.