Tabby- Brown and tan stripes

HISTORY: Ms Lucky was brought to the sanctuary after her owner was moved into assisted living.

Meet Ms Lucky!  When she first arrived at CFC, she was very nervous and shy however with time, she has nicely settled in and has made some human friends!  Once Ms Lucky knows you,  she’ll happily share her wonderful, outgoing personality with you.  She enjoys getting pet on her head and down her back but watch out if she gets too overstimulated!!  LOL!  Although she’s a senior,  still she has some umph and can be quick with her corrective paw!    Ms Lucky enjoys playing with wand toys and slowly is venturing out to explore her room.  She’s still cautious and looking left and right as she exits her condo,  but she’ll get there!  A more quiet kitty, she prefers to keep to herself and has not shown much interest in interacting with the other cats in her room.  We feel she will thrive in a more quiet, laidback home where she is a single cat.  A poised, beautiful girl,  you can see even in her photos how much of a class act she is.  To be sure though,  we’ll recommend that you come on by and see first hand for yourself!   Oh, did we mention WE are the lucky ones to have Ms Lucky under our care? 

Spring 2024 Update: “Gorgeous, beautiful eyes,” comments Volunteer Steve in describing our head turning tabby delight. Ms Lucky is slowly but surely expanding her human friend circle and it brings us (and her) much joy! Steve reports that even though he’s only been volunteering a few weeks, already she’s in his lap but on her terms! Ms Lucky is a bit of a sassy lady who clearly calls the shots. Friendly and desiring interaction and attention, it’s best to still take it slowly with her as she can have a quick swat with her paw correcting your move! Ms Lucky is a real piece of work and as testimony to her slowly settling in, she’s now in another volunteer’s lap AND getting brushing sessions with a purr and smile on her face. This volunteer has been a regular visitor to Ms Lucky for some time now. We’re excited about how she’s doing and with no emerging health issues, no doubt she is on track to perhaps relax in Steve’s lap and ask for a hairstyling in the future.

More about me Winter 2024: “My comfort zone is still rather small so while I venture outside of my condo and could freely roam all around my room,  still I opt to stay very close to my condo door.  This way I can quickly hop back inside if need be.  For most folks entering my room,  I’m the first kitty that they will see.  Perched at eye level on a cat tree,  I look very warm and welcoming.  I’m not really wishing nor wanting for folks to touch me so please, ‘Look but do not touch.’  No, I’m not a museum piece but I do enjoy my space.  LOL.  CFC Founder Mary recently stopped by for a visit and boy did I shock the pants off her.  She was being calm and respectful of my space when I suddenly decided to hop right up on her shoulder.  I thought she might faint!  She remained composed however and slowly guided me back to my perch without any fresh scratches or wounds to her loving hands.  I’m a special old lady no doubt and am healthy and happy.  Every day is an opportunity for me to interact on my own level with new humans and then also engage (mostly from a distance) with the other cats in my room.”